Reflection for the Feast of The Holy Trinity

Posted : May-31-2023

On the Sunday following Pentecost, we are invited to give some thought to what we believe about God. We acknowledge that God is revealed to us in God’s relationship with the Son and Holy Spirit.   A friend of mine once said, “To believe in the Trinity is to believe that there’s no God without relationship.” The question we must ask ourselves is what’s the quality of our relationship with God and with our neighbors?

We cannot be in a good relationship with God if we don’t attempt to be in the right relationship with others. Rooted within the command to love, we are called to walk humbly with God in our faith journey. It is often remarked that “Our human society must be rooted in fairness and compassion guaranteeing equality for all."

Christianity is not a private religion that seeks only our relationship with God. The way we live our relationship with God among others is the way we can define our Christian life. We must stay connected with God and each other.  When we celebrated Pentecost last week, we acknowledged the power of the Holy Spirit that transforms and strengthens us to evangelize people of every race, language, and culture.

We are called to share God’s love that draws us into the mystery of the Trinity. This is the model for the life of every Christian. We are consistently called to touch the very presence of God. We are made in the image and likeness of God who dwells among us and offers us new reasons to hope, to be united with one another, and to live God’s love day by day.