Sanctuary Renovations

A note from Our Pastor March 19, 2023

Posted : Mar-15-2023

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we continue to celebrate Holy Mass in the St. Francis Xavier High School cafeteria, I am aware that we may experience mixed feelings throughout this process. Feelings such as nostalgia and anxiety may arise as we face the inconveniences.

Ultimately, change is difficult for many. We often claim to love progress and advancement in life. However, we do not want to be bothered or experience the hassle that the change comes with. We feel very comfortable with how things are going and sometimes change can bring with it a difficult adjustment period. The reality is that we live in a world that is alive, vibrant, and constantly evolving. Change is the way of nature. Change is the reality that accompanies human growth and maturity. Scientific and technological research and advances constantly exposes us to change. Change is inevitable.

Resisting change, keeps us from wanting to try new things or advancing in life. By being opened to change we can see more opportunities, a new vision, and a new view of the world. Sometimes change can be compared to a remarkable and sudden event, like that of a volcanic eruption. Other times, change is a lot slower, and it is by being patient and accommodating that we are able to see the positive changes that we aspire to and slowly accomplish.

In any case, thank you for your welcoming spirit to this change and for your ongoing support and understanding as we get closer and closer to our goal and completion of our Sanctuary renovations.


Fr. James Cherickal