A Note from Our Pastor Mar 5, 2023

Posted : Mar-02-2023

My dear brothers and sisters,

As we have completed a joyful Lenten retreat, I am going to seek your gracious prayers and support for another important intention for our parish.

We are so blessed with a most spacious church in the best convenient location of the city. Thanks to the vision and hard work of late Msgr. Terence M. D’Souza and his collaborators. Today, as the community has grown, we are faced with new challenges and opportunities.

Our Sanctuary and Altar now seem to be so small to accommodate our needs. The sanctuary is crowded with furniture for priests, deacons, and altar servers, making it difficult to maneuver around. The tiny space on two levels also poses as a trip hazard.  The Altar is very small for the required 12 or 13 ciborium’s, Chalice and paten, Sacramentary, microphone, Crucifix, etc.

Therefore, I have approached the Archdiocese with the recommendation from our regional Bishop H.E. Ivan Camilleri and Cardinal Thomas Collins, who have agreed to go ahead with this very important project.

Our parish building committee under the leadership of Deacon Anthony Wong has worked diligently and developed a beautiful design for the renovation of our new Sanctuary. A team of various skill sets, under the leadership of a gifted carpenter, Mr. Marco Escobar, has already started working tirelessly on all the wood works. I am so grateful to Mr. Philip Howland, Mr. Joe Bonnici, Mr. Ranzil Sequeira, Mr. Lloyd Gomes and Rady Ocsan for their time and talents.

We will be starting the work this Monday and hopefully will complete by the end of March. Kindly keep this project in your prayers. We also need your financial support towards this important cause. I will discuss about it in another note.

Requesting all your prayers,

In Christ,

Fr. James Cherickal