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A Note from Our Pastor Feb 12, 2023

Posted : Feb-08-2023

My dear brothers and sisters,

Trust in the Lord that you all are doing great.

Many people were sending me concerned messages and prayers as I am away in India with my ailing mother. Thank you so much for your kindness and prayers; much appreciated.

To those who were concerned and enquiring about my Mum’s health condition, please read the updates below:

As I reached here in Kerala, India, my mother Theresa, was already admitted in the hospital. She is 96 and fractured her leg from a fall, who was already deteriorating in health and memory. The doctor wasn’t in favour of an operation on her leg at this age. Therefore, she is currently bed-ridden, and experience severe pain, every time she needs to change positions. She has already stopped eating and drinking and her only source of nourishment is relied on I.V fluid or Nasal tube feeding. It’s painful to watch.

The most amazing part of her hospital life is her relationship with the Lord and how her soul, mind, and body are perfectly aligned with her Master! My mother has already lost memory of her children whom she labored and the grandchildren on whom she lavished her love; but not a single prayer that she used to pray or the hymns she joyfully sang, including the most recent ones! Last night as I was leaving, she was praying rosary with my sisters in her weak and frail voice. She reminds me how true the words of St. Paul to the Romans 8:38-39.

Her humble but beautiful life is a true testament of what Fr. Dominic constantly reminds us: “You are what you remember!” Yes, the only things that she remembers without any failure are her prayers and that she is relentless. God is part of her life; prayer is her constant communication with him. I feel so blessed to be her son.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you, for your concern, prayers, and support.

May the Lord bless you all,

Fr. James Cherickal