Easter Vigil Easter Sunday

A Note from Our Pastor April 16, 2023

Posted : Apr-12-2023

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings from India.

I trust that you had a great Easter filled with joy. May the resurrection of our Lord give us hope in struggles and uncertainties.

I also hope that you were happy to be back in the church for the Holy Week as you saw the progress in the renovation project.  My immense gratitude to our contractor Peter Chaberski, the Carpentry team, SFX Guild, and other volunteers in their efforts for the effective, although partial completion of the project to resume the liturgical services in the church.

In my 25 years of ministry in the Archdiocese, it was the first time that I was away from my parish during Holy Week and Easter. It was a very difficult decision, but I managed to join you virtually and spiritually at various celebrations.

Thanks to Fr. Eduardo, Fr. Dominic, Msgr. Thomas, Deacons Anthony, and Ryan, Parish Secretary Joanita Miranda, altar servers, choirs, EMOHCs, the decoration team, lectors, sacristans, and ushers for your wholehearted help and leadership.

Some of you might be asking: “Why is Fr. James taking this long to come back after the funeral?”  Here in Kerala, there are traditions and rituals we observe after the death of a family member. We celebrate 7 consecutive days of Mass and cemetery visits. The immediate family also observes the next 41 days offering special prayers including daily Mass and acts of charity for the remission and forgiveness of the deceased’s sins. The 41-day observance signifies the Ascension of our Lord to heaven after His Resurrection.

Still during this time, the parish priest visits the family to offer condolences and special prayers. After the prayers, the white veil which covered the bed of the deceased is removed.  This signifies that through the intercessory prayers and penance, the deceased becomes worthy of heaven.

I will be returning soon and joining my family only spiritually.  Once again, I take this opportunity to thank you for all your prayers, support, and consoling words.

May the Lord bless us all.

Fr. James Cherickal